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Together/J or Together ControlCenter

Together ControlCenter is the only development tool that works the way developers work. Because TogetherSoft understands that development is iterative, ControlCenter provides features that encourage forward momentum throughout development.

Together ControlCenter is a momentum leader in the collaborative application development market. As an agile software modeling tool, ControlCenter's model-driven architecture boasts numerous features. Let ControlCenter help you optimize time and cost savings through its robust features.

Get the momentum to move applications ahead faster and easier than ever.

Keep the Development Process and the Entire Team in Sync
ControlCenter's ground-breaking technology keeps software artifacts in sync so changes never interrupt forward momentum. And, through its integrated and intuitive development environment, ControlCenter brings the entire software team together, using common language, diagrams, and building-block components. Working collaboratively in a single environment minimizes the need to acquire, learn, and switch among multiple products.

Plus, ControlCenter's open architecture enables it to integrate with many complementary technologies. This flexibility extends functionality and allows developers to work with their favorite products all from within ControlCenter. Agile, responsive, and built to work with the developer's process, ControlCenter reduces development problems, improves code quality, and significantly decreases development time.

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Together/J **REQUIRES** a minimum of Java 1.3, so you will need the IBM Java 1.3 JRE to run it.

Also, please be aware that although TogetherSoft is aware that various people have gotten Together/J to run under OS/2, it is not a supported platform.

To install Together/J under OS/2, I did the following:

Together/J V4.2

This file is needed to get Together/J V4.2 to run under OS/2. Please download Together42.Zip and follow the instructions contained in the README.TXT file. V4.2 supports printing under OS/2.

Together/J V5.5

This file is needed to get Together/J V5.5 to run under OS/2. Please download Together55.Zip and follow the instructions contained in the README.TXT file. V5.5 does not support printing under OS/2.

Together/J V6.0

Although, this is the current version of Together/J, I've not installed/tested it, but I can not see any reason as to why it should not work.